Introduction and background

Dr Eva Martin and Professor Elisa Oltra of the European ME Research Group (EMERG) have observed that diabetes mellitus may be less prevalent in the group of ME patients that they have in Spain (approx. 160) compared to the general population.
They have proposed creating a short questionnaire whereby data can be obtained from patients anonymously.
Dr Martin has proposed a clinical trial for repurposing of a suitable drug which could be an inexpensive trial that could build into the further EMERG-European ME Clinicians research collaboration.
The reason  to have the survey conducted first is  to find out  whether there are many ME patients with diabetes mellitus. 
Some patients may be treated with these drugs already and if no effect has been observed with respect to fatigue, there would be no reason for the repurposed trial.
However, if the drug has not been much tested in ME patients due to  the low prevalence of diabetes mellitus, then the  repurposing of the drug may be interesting to explore.
So Dr Martin and Professor Oltra have asked the European ME Alliance (EMEA) to publicise this survey and invite all people with ME to respond.
Eventually the EMEA page will have the survey in additional languages - see here -


Take Part in the Survey

The data collection and publication of the survey will use Google Forms.

After collection and analysis of the data a report will be produced.

No personal data will be published or held.

If you require further information then please contact us