BRMEC13 Colloquium

From Knowledge to Action:
Navigating the ME Research Frontier - What's Next

Utilising current knowledge of myalgic encephalomyelitis to develop the long term strategy for determining the aetiology of this disease

26 - 27 May 2024

Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

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The 13th Biomedical Research into ME Research Colloquium, organised by UK charity Invest in ME Research, brings togethers international scientists and clinicians working on, or interested in, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, or sometimes referred to as ME/CFS) and will again advance research into the disease by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between researchers from around the world.

With a continuing focus on advancing our understanding of ME and exploring potential treatments, this thirteenth Colloquium hosted by the charity - #BRMEC13 - brings together leading minds to collaborate and drive progress in the quest to improve the lives of individuals living with ME. It serves as a vital platform for researchers, clinicians, and advocates to share the latest advancements in biomedical research related to ME, a complex and debilitating illness.

The event is set to explore the theme of "Utilizing Existing Knowledge" with a keen focus on answering the pivotal question, "What's Next?" for ME research.

We and our advisors acknowledge the critical need for progress in ME research, understanding that researchers require much better means of stratifying patients for research and clinical trials. This includes acquiring extensive in-depth clinical data covering as much of the natural history of disease development and progression for individual patients as possible. These essential requirements guide our efforts to propel ME research to new heights.

This event assembles prominent researchers, clinicians, and advocates to delve into the wealth of knowledge accumulated in the study of ME and chart the course for future research endeavors.
With an emphasis on harnessing past insights to drive innovation, this 13th installment of this annual colloquium promises to assist in shaping the future of ME research and in fostering innovative research and collaboration, to improve the understanding and treatment of this disease.

A list of speakers will be announced as we complete the agenda for the colloquium.

The colloquium will start at approximately 09.00 on each day and close at approximately 18.00, after which there will be an evening diiner for registered delegates where more opportunities for discussion and networking will be available.

This year, our discussions will actively explore a range of subjects, as we collectively determine 'What's Next?' for ME research. Sessions will encompass: -

  • Epidemiology of ME (and LONG COVID)
  • Host Virus Interaction - ME and Long Covid
  • Immunogenetics
  • CNS and Imaging
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Metabolomics
  • ANS and Autoimmunity
  • Microbiome
  • Therapies and Treatments
  • AI and Bioinformatics
  • Research Updates
  • Multiple chaired discussions

More details of the programme are available at the link below.

The annual Invest in ME Research International Biomedical Research Colloquium is a distinguished, invitation-only symposium established for biomedical researchers to exchange data and ideas in the quest to unravel the complexities of ME.

Our goal is to foster global collaboration and drive the discovery of the aetiology of ME and the development of effective treatments. Participation is by invitation from the charity, guided by our esteemed advisors in the European ME Research Group (EMERG).

Biomedical researchers interested in contributing to the BRMEC* Colloquiums are encouraged to use our registration request form or reach out for further information.

We also extend our invitation to experts outside the ME field who may bring valuable insights to assist our dedicated researchers in this important journey

Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, nestled within the prestigious Wellcome Genome Campus, boasts a unique blend of modern architectural excellence and state-of-the-art facilities. Set against the backdrop of a charming Grade II* listed country house, the venue occupies a picturesque 100-acre estate that extends to the tranquil banks of the River Cam.

Situated in proximity to Cambridge and conveniently accessible from London Stansted Airport, this location is well-connected via a direct link from central London. The venue's strategic placement offers numerous advantages, supporting our mission of fostering collaboration and expanding knowledge.

Our aim is that this exceptional setting will once again serve as a catalyst for merging expertise and research, ultimately propelling us toward new and transformative discoveries.

At the Colloquium, we welcome the opportunity for poster presentations—a dynamic platform to showcase your research and engage with experts in the field. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact us .

Biomedical researchers looking to be a part of the BRMEC* Colloquiums are encouraged to use our registration request form or get in touch for additional information."

In 2006, Invest in ME Research embarked on a journey to advance the field of ME research by initiating the international ME Conferences. These conferences provided a crucial platform for the exchange of biomedical knowledge and experiences among researchers, clinicians, and patients alike.

In 2011, we took a significant step by creating a confidential forum where international researchers could convene to discuss their work, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. This marked the birth of our Biomedical Research into ME (BRMEC) Colloquiums—a series of exclusive research meetings dedicated to uniting the brightest minds in biomedical research and sparking innovation.

It has always been one of our primary objectives to build a global community of researchers who can work together to unlock the mysteries of ME.

Over the years, the BRMEC Colloquiums have evolved into a platform for sharing experiences, data, and future research plans, fostering international collaboration that culminated in the formation of The European ME Research Group (EMERG) in October 2015. This group was conceived to strategise European collaboration in ME research.

The Colloquiums have seen remarkable growth, with attendees now representing fifteen different countries. This annual event brings together not only the most relevant biomedical research initiatives but also various research disciplines, providing a unique networking opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and students.

Since 2020, we've introduced discussions on the emerging relevance of long COVID and its parallels to ME. These insights add a new dimension to our collective efforts.

To revisit past Colloquiums and trace the journey of progress, please visit the link below. Read more

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