ME and My MP - MP Responses and Constituents' Views

On this page we record responses from MPs or from constituents who have made contact with their MP. Here we can see the feedback from  the people taking part in this campaign. Please contact us if you have contacted your MP and let us know your opinion.

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  Ann Keen - Labour Government Policy

November 2009

Policy Statement - November 2009


R MP Francis Maude

November 2009

Response - Francis Maude November 2009


G MP Conservative Office

November 2009

Response - Office of the Leader of the Opposition David Cameron November 2009


M MP Adam Ingram

October 2009

I used your letter  and contacted Adam Ingram his reply was prompt, unsurprising and non-committal. His letter reads as follows -

"I read your comments with interest and understand that there has been a promising development in research into ME, with scientists claiming they may have isolated the virus which causes it. Such a development usually leads to an upsurge in research activity, both independent and by pharmaceutical companies. Any decision on state funding is usually left to the Research Councils to independently assess the worth of a particular field of research and I am prepared to back the judgements of those who have to balance the various priorities. I well understand the extent and nature of the problems associated with ME and I am confident we will see a greater commitment to the research effort as a result of the new development."

End of letter.

So he is happy to leave things as they are.

T MP Patrick Mercer

September 2009

I wrote to my MP, Patrick Mercer on September 3rd, half following your suggested letter, half my own input. He has in the past been extremely supportive and helpful in ensuring my daughter got a brilliant Direct Payment package to support her through University. The following is an extract from the response I received today:

"I do completely understand your support of biometric research into ME and you know that I am more than aware of this particular illness as my secretary's husband was diagnosed over 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the state of public finances is such that my Party cannot make any unfunded commitments to immediately take action as you describe. Please be assured, though, that I will continue to support you and your daughter, should my assistance be required, until such time as the General Election is called and the boundary changes come into effect resulting in the loss of Retford from my constituency"

J Angela Browning

18 July 2006 08:17

I have received what would seem to be Angela Browning's last word on the subject and a refusal to sign the EDM -

"You may care to know that I do not sign EDMs because, despite the name "motion", they are rarely debated on the Floor of the House. More importantly Ministers are not even required to give a response. I therefore write to Ministers when constituents contact me about EDMs, so that the Minister is aware of the views being expressed and is required to give a reply." - Angela Browning MP for Tiverton & Honiton



20 February 2006 23:51

I have contacted all Oxfordshire MPs. See David Cameron's reply on the site.
I have also contacted a couple of mps from my home area or Ian's but unfortunately they weren't too supportive because we were out of their area.
Nevertheless by contacting they are aware of M.E and its issues and that is what its about.
Plod on ,write or fax, which ever way you want ..PLEASE PLEASE make contact with your mp.
IT IS ESSENTIAL for all sufferers and, in my case, ESPECIALLY essential to all younger sufferers.
N Rudi Vis

7 February 2006 15:11

I have just heard from my MP Rudi Vis, Finchley and Golders Green.
copied below. So now he can be checked on the list.

Thank you for e-mail of the 3rd February and the clear advice that you have to separate out different aspects and suffering of ME. I support fully what you have said and I've taken the liberty to send a copy of this note and a copy of your e-mail to Dr Ian Gibson who champions your cause and to Dr Des Turner who is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group and may wish to request Professor Hooper to the All Parliamentary Group.



S Eleanor Laing

14 January 2006 08:10

I contacted Eleanor Laing, MP for Epping Forest asking her to support the EDM. I didn't get a reply.

I also contacted her about ME and education in this area as there are a number of issues: lack of provision post-16 for GCSEs, Connexions not properly established at the time, model for home tuition/out of school support is a unit that teaches the sick, pregnant school girls, school refusers and the permanently excluded. The response was a copy of "Access To Education" from the DfES, which I had quoted in my original letter.

She has been contacted, several times, but the response is less than useful.

A Mark Field

13 December 2005 12:26

Reply from Mark Field MP

Mark Field was interested to hear about the work of the All Party Group on ME. According to him though I should be aware there are in excess of 400 such parliamentary groups and it is very sadly not possible for each MP to become a member of every single group. However he did say he'd pass on my email to Dr Des Turner in respect to my request that the group invites Professor Malcolm Hooper to speak at one of their meetings.

Well, I tried! I used your template on my email to him and he responded with a personal letter within a week, not too bad.

Good luck with the other MP's